I received a complimentary issue of Islami Tijara for the month of August 2010.


It is very good idea and indeed a very good method to make Muslims aware about current market trends.


You have rightly decided to launch Islami Tijara, articles are very important.


Thanks for taking the initiative and building the platform for providing information on such an important topic, where vast majority of Muslims is either ignorant or they don't want to get knowledge about it.

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Shariah Board – Introduction to IIFB

The Shariah Board is an integral part of an Islamic Financial Institution and carries the responsibility of ensuring that all financial products and services offered by the institution are compliant with the principles of Shariah. The additional role of the board is to review and oversee all potential new product offerings. 


For all you long-suffering women feeling like a minority in the sector, here is some inspiration to keep you going


Published on 29th October 2013: Your Highnesses, Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, As-salamu alaykum. 

Quotes on Islamic Finance


“Islamic finance has been growing by 15 to 20 percent per year for some time and there is a lot of interest at the moment. People are looking for alternatives after the economic crisis.”


"Islamic finance has proven successful in poverty alleviation and promoting sustainable growth in many countries, including the United States, and it is very relevant in our country where 20 million people are starving"


“We have to adopt a soft approach and developing the market because Islamic finance is a new and foreign concept to most Americans. We wanted to introduce the community to the real meaning of Islam. It is not only about rituals, it is social responsibility to all-Muslims and non-Muslims alike.”

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