I appreciate the efforts of Islami Tijara.There should be more reading material on Islamic finance in India.It is the need of society and I feel we should inform our acquaintances also about Islami Tijara and Islamic investments.
I would congratulate Islami Tijara for its excellent work in promoting the concept of Islamic Investments. My children also read the magazine with interest and I hope every reader will benefit out of it.
 Finally I would like to suggest Islami Tijara to increase its reach on a pan India level so we have more awareness on Islamic Finance.
Islami Tijara gave me a very good insight on Islamic way of investment into various sectors. The shariah compliant stocks allow a large playground for investment options. 
Best part are the cover stories wherein one can have market trend analysis.
Islami Tijara is a must have magazine for all the Muslim brothers and sisters who trade in the financial markets for obtaining halal profit.
 I like the articles on Islamic finance and analysis of Sharia compliant stocks. Quality of the magazine is also very good. Hope it will become monthly magazine soon. May Allah reward better returns for all those who are involved in publishing such a useful magazine. JazakAllah
After reading Islami Tijara magazine, here actually I liked the concept of halaal means which is allowed and ethical. It’s great to follow such thing in business. It feels like we are one among the responsible citizens in our society
I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Islami Tijara for coming out with an amazing magazine which provides all the valuable information of investment keeping shariah in concern.
I enjoy reading all the articles. Truly, Islami Tijara is a good source for knowing about trade and investments according to Islamic shariah.
Thank you once again and I wish great success for all your future endeavours.
Although I am not much of a “Share Market” man, being a real estate person, I do realize that the whole business of dealing in Shares of Public Limited Companies is a huge business.
What you are doing is a fantastic job of enriching our people by the use of their very idle wealth! Your erudition about the subject, your enthusiasm about it and your passion, indeed, are quite laudable. Truly, with people like you, and your team, Islam and Muslims, do have a great future in our country!
May Allah give greater and greater success to you in your work.  Ameen.
I suggest Islami Tijara to include a section for first-time investors in every issue which covers things about stock / shares from scratch.
 This will help in better understanding and laying the foundation for further correct investment with more confidence. Also you may do comparative study between Islamic style of business and Indian business on the practical front, so that we may take note of these when investing.
I didn't know about halal investment in stock market. Then I came to know about Islami Tijara. I am a proud investor now. Thanks to Islami Tijara.
 It has got all information about Shariah investment and lots of hadiths regarding that and I found it too useful. Will recommend my friends also.
I read each and every section of Islami Tijara magazine. It contains beneficial information.
Interesting Magazine. Muslims do not have knowledge of Islamic Finance. After reading 
Islami Tijara I distributed it to my relatives and friends.
Islami Tijara is a very good magazine. Nice initiative by you. May Allah give you barakat in 
this job.
I had gone to my native on this Eid. I happened to come across Islamic Tijara magazine .I 
should congratulate you all that it's really a good magazine full of knowledge.
There are various magazines in urdu language in India, but I have not seen a magazine on 
Islamic Finance that too in English. I find the Question and Answer section most interesting. 
I will give 99.9% marks to every column, page and issue of Islami Tijara magazine. Every section gives more than sufficient knowledge. My response is positive for the magazine and its investment recommendations.
Today I read Islami Tijara magazine for the first time. I am happy to read and hear about investments and developments in Shariah way through your magazine.
I would like to thank all of you for initiating such a wonderful magazine (Islamitijara) especially for Muslims, to invest in the share market under Islamic rules and regulations.
I picked up Islami Tijara magazine from a stall, I liked it very much. There were 18 stocks recommended for this year, the articles on Islamic Finance were nice.
I received a complimentary issue of Islami Tijara for the month of August 2010.
I cannot find words to describe my feelings after reading this magazine on Islamic Investments and Finance. I would certainly like to subscribe for this magazine and receive it from the month of September 2010 itself.
It is very good idea and indeed a very good method to make Muslims aware about current market trends.
Very informative materials selected and put in to the edition. Thanks for sending me the copy. I would like to subscribe the forthcoming editions please acknowledge the same.
Thanks for taking the initiative and building the platform for providing information on such an important topic, where vast majority of Muslims is either ignorant or they don't want to get knowledge about it.
For building the Islami Tijara website, publication of magazine and the very essence Shariah Board which scrutinizes each financial product. May Allah give success in each of the initiative taken.
First of all I must compliment you for taking this initiative to launch the magazine which will spread the knowledge related to Islamic Finance & Banking and will open the gate for the Muslims as well as non Muslims to understand the halal business and investment and create the interest to invest as per the Shariah law.
This is the first issue I have received and I find this very informative and I would like to subscribe the magazine. I would like you to please try to deliver the magazine to the students or professionals seeking the opportunity in Islamic Banking & Finance.  Further I would like if some seminar can be arranged for the professionals where respected scholars can share their knowledge.
I have just received a Copy of Islami Tijara (June Edition) which has highly impressed me.
Please accept our very special thanks as well as Congratulations for this pioneering effort of yours which is highly commendable. It was a much needed publication and we wish and pray to Almighty Allah so that the publication receives all the necessary help and support to grow and reach Muslims both nationally as well as internationally. You have chosen a good team to work with and we are sure your efforts would also help Dawaah work with anyone who comes across or is sent a copy of your magazine.  Indian Muslims are playing a role in Trade/Finance and this must be highlighted and brought to the notice globally.  Islami Tijara is one of the preliminary yet important step in this direction.
I run a franchise to mobilize the savings of Muslims.
I find the magazine quite good, educating people on Islamic Finance.
No other magazine provides such useful information on halaal markets.
Islami Tijara is a unique magazine on Islamic Investments and Shariah rules for it.
I like the Question & Answer section the most.
Magazine should give more information on property distribution. Publishing this magazine is sawab-e-jariya for you. Keep it up.
It is the best magazine on Islamic Investments and Finance.
 It is very helpful in understanding Finance in shariah lines.
I am a student pursuing C.A.
 Islami Tijara magazine is very beneficial to me with my academics too. I like the glossary given at the end and FAQ’s.
Islami Tijara is a very informative magazine.
I get a lot of Investment ideas from it. The articles and FAQs are really good.
I read this magazine on a regular basis.
 The articles on Islamic finance and Fiqhul Muamlaat are informative.
It is a unique magazine on Islamic finance and investments.
The information of outperformers, shariah compliant stocks, Top picks, Scoreboard and FAQs is very helpful.
Articles by Dr. M. Y. Khan are really nice.
The advisory given in the magazine on Islamic finance is beneficial. I like this magazine very much.
Islami Tijara is a very good magazine providing information of Shariah compliant stocks and Islamic finance.
I like reading this magazine a lot. It is a financial guide.
No doubt that Islami Tijara is an amazing magazine
which provides beneficial information on ethical investments. Good Job!
Islami Tijara is a wonderful magazine on Islamic Finance.
You are doing a great job of publishing a magazine with such caliber and knowledge.
Islami Tijara magazine is a true investment guide for small and large range investors.
 It supports us to invest according to shariah norms as well as great analysis is done on companies to invest securely and profitably.
There is a lot of difference between conventional banking and Islamic banking
and this is very well highlighted in Islami Tijara magazine through Hadeeth of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and various articles.
It is nice to get Islami Tijara magazine from you.
It is interesting to know how you people function and deal in Islamic Finance through this quarterly journal.
Islami Tijara is a fantastic magazine.
It is an eye-opener for Muslims as well as Non-Muslims on ethical investments and finance.
Islami Tijara gives knowledge to muslim investors.
Muslims can benefit out of this magazine since many halaal investment indeas are provided in it.
Congratulations on bringing out this unique magazine
which would help to shed fears & clear many doubts related to Islamic investments.
I have read the first issue of “Islami Tijara”, Masha Allah it is an excellent effort. May Allah accept your entire efforts. I request you to subscribe a copy for Darul Ifta, Darul Uloom Deoband, it will help us to write Fatwa on Islamic Finance and Investment issues.