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Islami Tijara is a pioneering effort to promote Islamic Finance and Investment amongst Muslim masses through Education, Training, Advisory, Awareness and Practice. Islami Tijara since 2010 has succeeded to build a brand in the market as “The Only Islamic Finance Magazine in India”.

Advertising in Islami Tijara will be profitable to your company because
1. Islami Tijara is read by a wide spectrum of the society
2. It is widely read by the Business Executives, Professionals, Financial Experts, Senior Shariah   scholars and Students.
3. It is subscribed and distributed throughout the country and globally.
4. We also send complementary copies to
            ·School / Colleges / Universities / Public Libraries
            ·High Net-Worth Investors and Businessman
            ·Embassies and High Commissions
            ·Chambers of Commerce / Trade Associations / Professional Associations and Councils
            ·Islamic Institutions, Financial Institutions and Regulators.
            ·Muslim Politicians (MPs, MALAs, Corporators and Leaders)
            ·Muslim Professionals (Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Professors, CAs, etc.)
            ·Alumni of various Universities (e.g. AMU, JMI, IIM & Others.)
            ·Muslim Celebrities and Social activist
5. The advertisement will be carried on the Hard copy & the Electronic copy of the Magazine, advertiser can also avail the advantage of publishing their AD on our portal
The copy / artwork should be provided by the advertiser himself.
2. The file should be either in JPEG, PDF of CDR format.
3. You can either e-mail the file or send us the CD by post.
4. Islami Tijara strictly adheres to its policy of Halal Business therefore it will only accept the advertisement of the companies producing / marketing the products that are permissible by Shariah.
5. Islami Tijara reserves the right to reject, decline or refuse to publish in whole or in part, with or without giving notice to the advertiser
6. Acceptance of an advertisement for publication does not constitute a binding commitment or Islami Tijara's part to publish the same either at all or in any specified issue.
7. The submission of an advertisement constitutes a warranty by the advertiser that it has all necessary authorities and permissions for the insertion thereof and that the advertisement or any part thereof does not in any way contravene, violate or constitute a breach of any Indian law, otherwise the advertiser shall indemnify Islami Tijara for all losses or harm suffered by it on account of such a breach.
8. Advertising agencies are responsible for payment of all advertising ordered on behalf of their clients, but we reserve the right to hold the advertiser and their clients jointly responsible.
9. In the event of non-publication of an advertisement, our liability is limited only to refund the cost of the advertisement
10. In case of a substantive error in printing of an advertisement, our liability is limited to providing a free insertion of the same advertisement
11. In the event of a dispute, Mumbai will be the place of jurisdiction for legal purposes
12. It is the responsibility of all advertisers and advertising agencies to read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions stated.
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