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Islamic Finance has been practiced since the origination of Islam itself, but structured Islamic Finance in Modern economic is practiced only since few decades. Our company Pragmatic Wealth Management Pvt. Ltd has taken an initiative to promote Islami Finance through our magazine Islami Tijara. Our aim is to create awareness and educating masses on Islamic Finance and Investments.
If you as an expert would like to share or contribute your article on the relevant topics you can do so by sending your article to us in word document format. If our editorial team deems it fit, we will certainly publish it in our forthcoming issues of Islami Tijara Magazine and exhibit it on our portal

If you are:
•             A Research Scholar in the field of Islamic Finance
•             A writer of Economic and Financial Issues
•             A Professional Stock Market Analyst or a Fund manager
Conversant with Islamic Law of Trade and Fiqh-al-Muamalat (dealings)
Willing to share your innovative ideas, suggestions and thoughts in the field of Islamic Finance

You Merit contribution in our Magazine
Your work will be affirmatively evaluated by our Editorial Board that comprises of Chief Editor, Financial Experts and Senior Shariah Scholars. If your article is found to be substantial enough to create awareness about Islamic Finance amongst the people at large, then we assure that your valued articles would be published.

Article Guidelines and Terms and Conditions
The article should be in tune with the philosophy and thought of the Islami Tijara. The article should be your original creation, not published elsewhere and shall not infringe copyright or violate in any way the rights of others. Islami Tijara will not be under any obligation to verify authorship, authenticity or validity of the articles. You will take on full responsibility whenever any dispute over copyright arises.
Articles submissions should include author’s name, company name & address, and a brief bio-data of the author. Once accepted, Islami Tijara reserves the full right to use, reproduce, edit, publish, translate and create derivative works from your articles. Islami Tijara is generally not interested in publishing articles that are submitted to multiple magazines.
Contributory articles for Islami Tijara Magazine will be voluntary and on non- monetary compensation basis.

Title / Topic: Not more than 15 words
Single Page Article: Not to exceed 700 words.
Two Page Article: Not to exceed 1500 words.
Multiple Page Articles / Cover Story: Not to exceed 3000 words.

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