Understanding Islamic Banking: The Value Proposition That Transcends Cultures

Author/Publisher:  Joseph A. DiVanna
Descriptions: Understanding Islamic Banking looks at the fundementals of Islamic banking to compare similarities and contrast the differences between conventional banking and the needs of Muslim finance.

The book is designed for three types of readers: banking customers who want to know more abour Islamic finance, banking professionals in Islamic banks that are looking across the industry for best practice ideas and innovations, and senior managers that need actionable strategies to deliver on shareholder expectations. This books looks at the value proposition for Islamic banking through the eyes of customers, bankers and strategists.

From the Publisher

This book is the first in the Diversity in Global Banking Series, where competitive issues that today banks face in a global enviroment are examined by industry experts to provide strategic insight. The series is designed for banking and financial services practioners to gain insight on new banking models, strategic intiatives and innovations in a context where ideas can be taken and moved into action.

From the Author
This book is based on many of my encounters as a strategy consultant with banks in the Middle East, Africa and the Asia. In Understanding Islamic Banking, the main thesis is to examine the fundemental elements of how banks working in many cases under adverse conditions, manage to generate significant value for their customers.

From the Inside Flap
Are non-Muslim customers ready for Islamic financing?
Joseph A. DiVanna examines how the underlying principles of Islamic banking provide a framework for contemporary retail banks to enable investors of faith to develop a sense of higher purpose. The essentials of a bank's value proposition, such as brand identity, innovation investment strategy and generation of investor value, are attributes readily identifiable by Muslims and non-Muslims.

About the Author
Joseph A. DiVanna is a banking strategist, business author, and global speaker currently the Director of Cambridge-based financial services think-tank Maris Strategies Limited. Joe’s research seeks to understand the fundamentals of twenty-first century business in their historical roots and present characteristics to shed light on their possible future developments. Joe is the author of numerous articles published in journals such as IBM’s Building an Edge, the Financial World Magazine, and the corporate newsletters of banks, technology companies and multinational businesses.
A prolific writer, his first six books include topics such as financial services, strategy, technology, human capital and the emerging global synergistic economy or "synconomy". Featured on The Economist magazine, where he was labelled a "polymath", Joe tested his methodology for rapid strategy creation by sequestering thirty experts in a room for twenty-four hours which resulted in the book Strategic Thinking in Tactical Times (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2004).
A frequent public speaker, Joe’s lectures on topics such as innovation, leadership, strategy, socioeconomic behaviour, value management and return on process have been heard in the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. As keynote speaker and chairman of conferences such as Banking Technology Africa, Middle East Financial Technology Exhibition and Conference (MEFTEC) and the Arabian Society for Human Resource Management (ASHRM), his views on global business have been instrumental in shaping the strategies and operations of organizations in all parts to the world.

•  Publisher: Leonardo and Francis Press Ltd; 1st Edition edition (Feb 2006)
•  ISBN-10: 1905687001
•  ISBN-13: 978-1905687008