Islamic Insurance: Trends, Opportunities and the Future of Takaful

Author/Publisher:  Euromoney Books
Descriptions: The Islamic insurance, or Takaful industry, is in a rapid phase of expansion, with numerous Takaful operations in 30 countries with Takaful premiums covering non-life and life.

This growth gives rise to both opportunities and challenges to traditional and Islamic financial institutions in the provision, distribution and underwriting of Islamic insurance products. Edited by the best-selling author Sohail Jaffer with contributions from 21 specialist contributors, this is the only book to explore every aspect of Islamic Insurance.

Topics covered include:

- Takaful models and their development
- Re-Takaful
- Concerns in the provision of Takaful
- Business models
- Retailing Takaful
- Marketing financial services
- Distributing through joint ventures
- Innovations in the Northern and Southern African markets
- Integrating Takaful within conventional bancassurance
- Legal, regulatory and operational issues
- Rating of Takaful companies

"This book is written by professionals with extensive experience of takaful. It will be an invaluable guide … tounderstanding the models and mechanisms in use and the challenges and opportunities facing the takaful market." - From the foreword by Susan Dingwall, Partner, Norton Rose.

ISBN: 978 1 84374 279 1
No. of Pages: 350
Author(s): Sohail Jaffer (ed.)
Publisher: Euromoney Books, Price: £145.00