Islamic Retail Banking and Finance: Global Challenges and Opportunities

Author/Publisher:  Euromoney Books
Descriptions: With conventional banks in the west opening Islamic windows to service their Islamic customers, the establishment of the first discrete Islamic retail bank in Europe, and the conversion of entire banking functions to Islamic alternatives, Islamic retail products are increasingly moving to the mainstream.

Offerings of Islamic mortgages, savings, insurance and retail investment products are part of a global expansion of the financial industry which are increasingly competitive with conventional financial products.

Islamic Retail Banking and Finance is the first book of its kind bringing together the leading banks, lawyers, accountants and retail product providers who have been involved in the rapid expansion of the Islamic retail industry throughout the globe.

Our contributors provide the reader with discussions of :
- the market for Islamic retail products
- the products available, how they differ from conventional alternatives, and their basis in Islamic law
- the development of mortgage and home finance schemes, takaful, savings plans, auto finance products and equity investment products
- how banks, insurance providers and asset managers can manage consumer education, what are the cultural and ethical constraints
- the experience of training Islamic bankers
- how to manage liquidity and credit issues
- what are the regulatory constraints and challenges faced by Islamic retail product providers, and the experience of those who have successfully launched their products
- the experience of those involved in conversion of Islamic retail banking functions
- legal and taxation issues
- the views from regulatory authorities themselves

If you are involved in the launch of Islamic retail products, work in an Islamic bank, or are a finance professional interested in how Islamic products are structured you must read this book.

With contributions from institutions and individuals including Clifford Chance, Deutsche Bank, Ernst and Young, Failaka, Financial Services Authority, FWU Group, London Special Risks, Meezan Bank, Shape, Sharjah Islamic Bank, State Bank of Pakistan, Vinson and Elkins, Volaw Trust, Shaykh Yusuf deLorenzo and Prof. Rodney Wilson.

ISBN: 978 1 84374 198 5
No. of Pages: 300
Author(s): Edited by Sohail Jaffer
Publisher: Euromoney Books
Price: £145.00