Can Interest Money be Donated without the Intention of any Reward

From Gulf I transfer my earnings to a savings account in an Indian Bank. Every six months the bank adds interest money to my account. I heard that interest money can be donated without the intention of any reward. If this is right, please advise me as to whom I can donate this interest money to. Can it be given to needy relatives of mine?

As a general rule, no Muslim by his free choice should deposit his money in an interest-bearing account. You must immediately transfer your money to a non-interest-bearing account. It is incumbent upon you to give the interest money from the bank as charity to the poor who are entitled to receive Zakaat without the intention of receiving reward. This charity is meant only for disposing of unclean and unlawful money and to relieve oneself from the burden of an ill-gotten gain.
But it should be remembered that this amount is unclean only for the person who has received it as interest. The poor persons who get it from him as charity can use this amount for their personal benefits. You may give the interest money to your relatives who are entitled to receive Zakaat.


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