Can the Person Who Has Taken Loans Go For Hajj

A person who is an Indian Government employee and he has taken loans from Banks several times and now he wants to go on Haj. My question is that; is Haj obligatory for him with this loan? Can perform Hajj in this situation?

Being able financially and physically, one of conditions that is mandatory to become Hajj obligatory on adult and sound mind Muslim. Yet who has taken loan, can go on Hajj even if he has a loan as long as he is current on his monthly payments to his lender. If he has fallen behind on his monthly payments then he should seek the permission of his lender before going on Hajj. If he goes on Hajj while behind on his payments and without his lender's permission his obligation of Hajj then it will be fulfilled, although it would be Makruh. As an extra precaution it would be better for him to inform him inheritors of his debts and write a bequest stating all his debts. If one is going on a Nafl Hajj then it's more important for him to use that money to pay off his debts rather than go on Nafl Hajj.


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