Lending Money to a Gambler

A known gambler asks for some money claiming that he has to pay a council tax bill otherwise it will be doubled with a fine. Although he is a know gambler he has never asked me as I am his friends daughter.He said he was desperate. My brother told me not to lend him money as he was lying and I will never see it again. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt about the whole council tax bill story even though there was a doubt in my mind as to whether he had actually gambled his wage away and was not taking my money to hand over to his wife as his ''wage''. Anyway, I gave him the money and he promised to pay it back within two weeks...did I do the right thing in giving him the benefit of the doubt and believing him or have I just encouraged a gambler in his addiction and will Allah not be pleased with what I intended was to get him out a situation from getting worse with the council tax? What happens if he comes back for more money as he is a well known gambler in the community?

As per the opinion of shariah scholars, it is not advisable to lend money to a regular gambler. Islam completely prohibits gambling. Under these circumstances we should not encourage activities that would lead to gunah. Allah knows best.


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