O you who believe! Fear Allah and give up what remains of your demand for usury, if you are indeed believers. (Surah 2, Verse 278)

O you who believe! Devour not usury, doubled and multiplied; but fear Allah; that you may (really) prosper. (Surah 3, verse 130)

That they took usury, though they were forbidden; and that they devoured men's substance wrongfully; we have prepared for those among them who reject faith a grievous punishment. (Surah 4, Verse 161)


Abd Allah b. Hanzalah narrated: The Messenger of Allah said: "A dirham of riba which the individual consumes while knowing (it to be such) is worse than sixty-three (instances) of illicit sexual activity." (Ahmad 20951)

Ibn Mas`ud narrated” The Prophet cursed the consumer of riba, the one who pays it, its two witnesses and the clerk who records it. (Muslim, Ahmad, Abu Dawud 2895, Al-Tirmidhi, Al-Nasa'i, Ibn Majah)

Ab– Sa'id al-Khudri and Abu Hurayrah narrated “The Prophet said, "Avoid the seven great destructive sins." It was said: "O Messenger of Allah, what are they?" He said, "Associating partners with Allah; sorcery; slaying the soul which Allah has forbidden (to be slain), except in justice; consuming the orphan's wealth; consuming riba; turning one's back to the enemy in flight at the time of confrontation and slandering chaste unmindful believing women." (Al-Bukhari 2560 and Muslim)

Abu– Sa`id Al-Khudri narrated “The Messenger of Allah said: "Gold for gold, silver for silver, wheat for wheat, barley for barley, dates for dates, salt for salt, like for like and hand to hand. He who makes any addition thereto, or receives an addition in fact deals in ribƒ. The receiver and the giver are equally guilty." (Al-Bukhari, Muslim 2971, Abu Dawud, Al-Tirmidhi)

Abu Bakarah narrated “The Messenger of Allah said, "Verily your lives and wealth are as sacred for you as the sacredness of this day of yours in this month of yours in this town of yours." (Al-Bukhari; Muslim 3180)

Zakwan narrated “Abu Sa`id al-Khudri sent me to Ibn `Abbas with instructions to say to him concerning sarf (currency exchange): Is it that you have heard from the Messenger of Allah something that I have not or is it that you have read in the Book of Allah what I have not? He (Ibn `Abbas) said: I do not say yes to either of your questions, rather it is only that I heard Usaman b. Zayd narrating that the Messenger of Allah said: "Riba is only in debt or delayed transactions." (Ahmad 20816)

Jabir Abdullah narrated “The Messenger of Allah mentioned in his khutba, "The riba of the Jahiliyya is voided and the first riba which I void is the riba of `Abbas b. Abd al-Muttalib for it is certainly voided, all of it..." (Abu Dawood 1628; Ibn Maajah 3065)

Sulayman b. Amr narrated “I heard the Messenger of Allah during the Farewell Sermon saying: "The riba of the ayyam al-jahiliyat (The Days of Ignorance) the so called Pre-Islamic Period is voided in its entirety. You have your capital sums; do not treat others unjustly and you will not be treated unjustly..." (Abu Dawud 2896)

Abu Hurayrah narrated: “The Messenger of Allah said, "Gold for gold, weight for weight, like for like and silver for silver, weight for weight, like for like. Whoever increases or gains through increased has committed riba." (Muslim 2973; Ahmad 7243)

Abd Allah bin Hanzalah narrated “The single dirham of riba which a person consumes while knowing it as such is worse than thirty six instances of illicit sexual intercourse” (Ahmad (20951)