Quotes on Islamic Finance

"Islamic finance has proven successful in poverty alleviation and promoting sustainable growth in many countries, including the United States, and it is very relevant in our country where 20 million people are starving"

Islamic Finance is about ethics, integrity, accountability, and social responsibility, it encourages business and entrepreneurship purely on profit and loss sharing basis and completely prohibits fixed incomes. Sharing of risk and returns by Investors and Entrepreneurs is an integral crux of Islamic finance.”
H Abdur Raqeeb, General Secretary, Indian Centre for Islamic Finance (ICIF) New Delhi and Convener, National Committee on Islamic Banking
“Islamic banking is for all mankind and not a push for Islamic laws, the fact that you are seeing it in the media now is not because Muslims are pushing it, it is because it makes sense. 
Conventional commentators describe the industry as "banking without interest" but the fundamental differentiator is the nature of money itself. In Islamic economic theory, money is merely a medium of exchange, not a commodity to be traded. It has no intrinsic value. Financial transactions must have an underlying attachment to the "real economy". Real assets must be bought and sold as opposed to the trading of intangible pieces of paper.